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Who Is Stan Mann?

Stan Mann, CEO

Greetings and welcome to my website. I developed this site to share information about me and my company.

Everything I do is because I believe helping others achieve a rich and rewarding life is my life’s purpose.

That's why I earned a master therapist degree from the University of Michigan and have years of experience helping people clear away negative beliefs and fears that used to stop them from achieving their goals.

I even wrote a book about controlling your emotions called Triggers: A New Approach to Self-Motivation, published by Prentice Hall. Click here to look it up on Amazon.

Why you can trust me:  

Unlike most businesspeople, I am a licensed professional and held to a strict code of ethics. If I do not consistently meet this standard, I will be censored and can lose my license and professional standing

On a personal note, I'm a widower and was married to my charming and exceptional wife, Charlene, for 58 years. It was my only marriage and I was truly blessed. I continue to be blessed by my only daughter, Dawn. We live together in one of those hi-tech designer homes in North Las Vegas.

Before then, Charlene and I lived in a truly unique home on a three-quarter acre lot in Livonia MI.
Before we bought it, it looked like something the ghostly Addams family would live in, but it had three masonry fireplaces and my wife fell in love with it. I was reluctant to buy it, but my wife made me an offer I couldn't refuse. She said if we bought a different house, I'd have to do my own cooking laundry and cleaning.

So, we bought it and did most of the work renovating it ourselves. I was amazed to find I had some cabinet making talents as well as a keen eye for design.

Stan HomeIt was a great place to raise our kid. Things went along very well until she became a teenager and we became the worst parents that the world has ever produced. But at the age of 21, Dawn apologized profusely and has been the best daughter anyone could ask for. I love her generous spirit.

My company, STAN MANN BUSINESS SOLUTIONS, is about making your business more profitable.

We are a part of STRYDE/GMG and represent a national team of over 500 Professionals with Project Managers, Engineers, IP Attorneys, Industry Specialists, Property Tax Attorneys, Accountants, and Consultants that can provide an onsite free consultation in all 50 states. 

Our team of financial and business consultants are committed to helping business owners add money to their bottom line and increase profits. Initial consultations are without charge and many services are offered on a contingency fee basis so that if you are not making money neither are we. We only charge when savings are proven.

We adhere to the strictest professional standards and your information is safe with us.


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